Liana Consulting

About Us

About Us


A preferred fully integrated facilities management company boasting world class preventative maintenance expertise and managing environmentally smart properties.


With our people, processes and specialized technical know-how, we deliver proactive customer focused Waste & Facilities management solutions aimed at optimizing the performance and lifetime of their built assets.

The Liana Consulting Difference

The Liana Consulting Difference

We use smart information‐based systems to track, document and plan maintenance work activities.

Our Facilities Asset Information Management (FAIM) is used for building management intelligence and to plan major maintenance.

The intention is to do maintenance work at the right time, as opposed to when there are breakdowns. We invest heavily on our key employee skills development and safety. In middle technical level, we have been able to produce highly capable and qualified artisans who are the best in their respective fields.

We demand the same of the sub-contractors we often use. We use a holistic approach to energy management which looks at every aspect of a customer’s building operation that has the potential to impact energy, environment and costs.

Our building energy management services include: Building system assessment including building energy efficiency Energy use by space and equipment type (plug load, HVAC, Lighting, etc.)

Adaptive energy management solutions, including energy efficient retrofits. We approach all the services we offer with the requisite professionalism and attention to detail. This applies to both the technical and soft services.

We believe that the wellbeing of our client’s employees can be affected by the state of the buildings they work in, the lighting, noise levels, air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, cleanliness, hygiene and general safety.

It is therefore critical to keep these conditions in an optimal state.

Liana Consulting

Liana Consulting is a dynamic waste facilities management company run by a young group of professionals and trained building services specialists.

The company is 100% black male owned, with majority black management and senior operations staff.

We have extensive experience in what we refer to as “Managing the Extended Enterprise. By this we mean the optimal and seamless management of all facilities management related functions, including preventative building maintenance, heating ventilation, waste collection services, cleaning, and security, garden & landscaping as well as health and safety. We spare our clients the hassle of having to manage this array of diverse functions, so they can focus on their core business.

Our growth strategy is largely anchored on the satisfaction of our clients and our continuous facilities management innovations.

We strongly believe that our success as a company is linked to our consistent ability to deliver value to our clients.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is demonstrated through smart energy, water and waste management solutions which we implement as part of our facilities management package.

We do this to ensure achievement of a sustainable bottom line, energy efficiency and smart green buildings We view properties as valuable assets and with our wealth of experience and expertise in facilities management, we offer clients consultancy and project management services aimed at optimizing the performance of their properties whist preserving their lifetime value.

Our employees are performance driven, motivated, optimally trained and professional.